PA System

With our drive for quality, we are proudly powered by British company 'Bishop Sound' - Our PA system consist of 2x BB215 Dual 15" Full Range Cabinets, 2x BB312 triple 12″ upright full range speakers, 2x BB115S subwoofers and their earth shaking 2x BB118 18" Sub Woofers. Powering these speakers are Cervin Vega and TSA 4-channel amps with mixing handled by a Behringer XR16 Air wireless mixer.



The backline is powered by an EVH 5150 iii 2x12" 100 watt RMS for Luke, Marshall 2x12" JVM205C Valve combo for Gedders, Peavey 4x10" and 1x15" 900 watt RMS Maxbass stack for John and Ben smashes his Mapex Saturn V Tour Edition to bits!



We use only the best AKG WMS470 Wireless D5 for Chris and Shure Beta 58s for backing vocals, AKG D40s for drums matched with a D112 Mk2 for the kick, with the guitar and bass being DI'ed for unrivalled quality - with a wireless monitoring system for all 4 of us. We also have a dedicated 4x8" 500 watt RMS backup system in-case we experience interference.



Our lighting is fully DMX controlled, with halogen Par56 lights, high powered strobes, constant flow smoke machines, NJD spotlight scanners and RGB LED spots throughout.



We have enough firepower to cater 2500+ people in both open air festival conditions and closed room situations - our main goal is QUALITY, to have the kick hit your chest, to hear all the high squeals of the guitar all the way to the low end of the bass. As this is our own set-up, we bring the big venue sound wherever we go - so each and every show boasts the same sound quality!


the gear of Audio Tap