the sound of modern rock


"On the evidence of ‘Recalibrate’ these boys have to be heard" - Devolution Magazine (Read review here)

"They really know what they're doing live" - BBC Radio Lincolnshire

"A top band, pleasant and professional" - Party In The Ark


We take pride in putting on an epic show, from our original music to popular covers. We have one singular rule and that's 'Keep music live' and this reflects in all our live shows and recorded pieces. We have been featured on a few top radio stations such as BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Lincs FM, Premiumblend Radio Show, Endeavour FM and even all the way to Australia on Valley FM, with great response and asking for more material - which they will receive once our album is complete. We boast a huge arrangement of covers for venues who want to please their music lovers, here is a small selection of the artists we play: Bon Jovi, The Killers, Van Halen, Areosmith, Journey, David Guetta, Stephen wolf, Artic Monkeys, ZZ Top, The Scorpions, Royal Blood, Muse, Kenny Loggins, Bruno Mars, Tenacious D, Jet, The Police, Whitesnake, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bryan Adams, Rage Against The Machine and even The Weekend, Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson - with many many more.

As you can see, we have got a broad variety of cover music available for your venue! But where we really shine is our original music, that's where 'The Sound Of Modern Rock' comes into play.

You can listen to our current released music by selecting 'Our Music' at the bottom of the page, think of it as a blend of Van Halen and The Killers!

We can't wait to rock your venue!